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Fengdu Ghost City

Fengdu Ghost City refers to Fengdu County in the center of Chongqing City. Established in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25 - 220), Fengdu County is the legendary ghost city and famous for the culture of Confucian, Taoism and Buddhism. The famous scenic spots in Fengdu are the Mingshan Mountain which is known as the 'ghost country', the Holy Palace of the Ghost Country, the Nantian Lake, and the Huinan Han-Dynasty Mausoleum.

Fengdu Ghost City Photos

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  • It was explained to me in 2010 when I went to ghost City what the meaning was but I'm afraid I've forgotten most of it now. Please can you remind me in detail what the symbol in image 3 means please.

    Asked By Chris Holmes (England) | May. 02, 2014 17:06
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  • On a recent trip to China we visit the Fengdu Ghost City and we were told about the message contained within this stone stele. However at this time I cannot remeber what that story is. Does anyone know what this means?

    Asked By Don Tait (Canada) | Nov. 09, 2013 02:16
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