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Zhujiajiao Town

Zhujiajiao Town is located in the Qingpu District of Shanghai, near the Jiufeng Mountain and Dingshan Lake. The water town was named one the four famous cultural towns by the Shanghai Government in 1994. It is famous for its ancient-style houses, bridges and water, and all typical customs of southern China. The main attractions in Zhujiajiao Town are Dianshan Hill, Dianshan Lake, Fangsheng Bridge, Baoguo Temple, City God Temple, and the 26 lanes.

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  • Is there any bus going to Zhujiajiao from Shanghai ? Where is the bus terminal in Shanghai ? What is the frequency of the buses? How to get to the water town from the bus terminal at Zhujiajiao? Thanks.

    Asked By Joe (Canada) | Mar. 07, 2011 21:27
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