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Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum is located at No. 201, Renming Avenue in the south of the people's Square. The museum is famous for its vast storage of art relics, especially for the bronze wares, porcelain wares, calligraphy and paintings. The representative cultural relics are Dake Tripod, Ox-shaped Zun, the calligraphies of Wang Xianzhi, Huaisu, and the paintings of Tang Sunwei and Dong Yuan. There are also some ancient coins, jade articles, and seals stored in the museum.

Shanghai Museum Photos

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  • I would like to know about and ancient wooden trone
    Chinese chair. Is there a way to send you a picture
    So you might be able to determine age and dinasty?

    Asked By Jesus Gomez (U.S) | Dec. 09, 2012 19:10
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