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  • Yes the Gui Lin region is a magnificent place to visit. The most popular tourist spot is the town of Yangshuo. I arrived by overnight train as a backpacker from Hong Kong - take the subway to the KCR railway station, ride the train to Shenzen, get off, go through China immigration and take the train on the other side to Gui Lin. Upon arrival at Gui Lin railway station there are tourist-friendly taxi drivers who know you want to go to Yangshuo but don't get ripped off - the asking price is about 5 times the actual price - shop around and bargain hard or take a shared taxi with other tourists to Yangshuo. There are many UTELS/Hostelling International places in Yangshuo to stan for about $9 per night and you can book tours, rent bikes, and buy transport tickets to further destinations in China. If you get sick of the Chinese food there is even KFC!

    Asked By Jerremy (Iceland) | Dec. 08, 2010 03:35
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