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Questions & Answers on Guilin Photos
  • Asked By Jane (New Zealand) | Jan. 19, 2012 01:34
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  • is it cold if I take a Li River Cruise?
    what is the temperature and what should i wear?

    Asked By Abby | Nov. 17, 2011 01:50
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  • I'm planning to visit Guilin, Terrace rice field, and Yangshuo in late June/early July. My reserach leads me to the following questions. Please kindly advise me.

    1) I'm planning to visit the terraced rice field independently (without taking the tour); and I need to take the bus from Guilin to Pingan. I am having trouble locating the bus station in Guilin? What is the closest hotel to the bus station in distance?
    2) Several reviews mentioned that there's no official bus station in Longshen and Pingan. How do I catch the bus from Terrace rice field back to Guilin?
    3) I want to stay 2 nights in Pingan, is it safe to do so? If so, what hotels/guesthouses are recommended?
    4) Where is the dock station for taking the boat ride from Guilin to Yangshuo?
    5) Where is the bus station going from Yangshuo back to Guilin?

    Asked By Denail (Brazil) | May. 29, 2011 04:27
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  • I am going to Guilin July/August, is it too hot for a sleeping bag at night? Will just a sleeping sheet do, or does it get cold at night?

    Asked By Tony (Finland) | May. 24, 2011 04:29
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  • how about the scenery of Longji in March or April? can i get beautiful pictures?

    Asked By David (Canada) | Feb. 23, 2011 03:23
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